Vancouver Island Weddings


Vancouver Island Weddings is what we do and serve.

We are a Vancouver based wedding event and entertainment service group and we do travel to Vancouver Island for weddings and have done so in the past as well.

We also service Whistler weddings.

We consider New West, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Surrey, Vancouver to be local.

Contact us for details as we simply charge travel fees to provide for your wedding if it is out of town.

We can and will work with Vancouver Island Wedding Venues and locations such as Victoria or Sidney.

Vancouver Island Weddings, throughout all the cities, Vancouver Breakdancer dot CA, can provide various entertainment and services for your function, reception and parties.

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For Vancouver Island Weddings, one of our services is our fantastic and popular breakdance and hip hop dancers.

The bboy performers are fully seasoned veterans with many years of skill, passion, talent, and professionalism for your event!

For your Vancouver Island Weddings, receptions & parties, you can check out a couple of our shows in video above!

DJ Changster is also available for your Vancouver Island Weddings, providing DJ entertainment and services.

Enjoy these exclusive remixes and mashups free… Download Now!!!

At Vancouver Island Weddings, DJ Changster is an excellent choice to provide the soundtrack to your weddings, receptions, and parties.

Also check out our fantastic Capoeira Team Vancouver BC, for an excellent service and entertainment choice for your Vancouver Island Weddings.

Available exclusively with Vancouver Breakdancer dot CA!

Our Samba Dance Squad is also amazing and representing, available for your Vancouver Island Weddings.

Our Bollywood Dance Team will also represent, with a modern and urban take on the famous scene for films and movies in South Asia.

Our Bhangra Dance team we work with, are also amazing and a great selection for your Vancouver Island Weddings & Parties.

To capture memories at your Vancouver Island Weddings and add a bit of fun, we offer our Photo Booth for rental at your party and receptions.

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The photo booth comes with a remote, costume and fun props, on site printing.

Add some pizazz and have our professional and creative team of photographers for your Vancouver Island Weddings.

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Our photography team is excellent and is an awesome way to get exquisite photography done.

Add our videographers, cinematography, and full out film production for the creation of your videos and movies for your Vancouver Island Weddings.

We have many excellent choices and selections for your Vancouver Island Weddings and many possible packages by putting our many talents together for excellent value and principle.

Each talent also has their own page to explain and introduce you to the talents and services!

Contact & Book Us Now @ Phone 778-805-5928 or via email at