Weddings, Events & Celebrations


We have worked with a variety of weddings and unions as well as open to servicing with quality and care and giving it our all for types of weddings we have not worked for.

There is not just one kind of love and we are happy for all your types of unions.


South Asian Weddings

We have worked for a variety of Indian, Punjabi, and many other South Asian cultures and people, and we enjoy participating in the thriving South Asian Community of BC Canada.

We are very familiar with South Asian weddings and cultures and can assist with our many entertainers and event services for your wedding!

Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, and other East Asian cultural weddings

We have worked for and experience with Chinese, Filipino, and Korean unions and are open to assisting with our 5 stars and plush quality service at affordable prices.

We are also open to the various and diverse cultures of East Asia and their weddings and can provide our top notch Vancouver Wedding Entertainment and Event services.

Congrats and contact us today!

Jewish Weddings and Parties

Mazel Tov and congrats!

We at have worked for a few Jewish parties and can help out with your weddings, bar and bat mizfas, and other parties.

We have the Vancouver Entertainment and Event services for you at reasonable prices!

Interracial, cultural, religious or other types of wedding parties!

We have worked for many weddings of various kinds and the many combinations would take a long time to list them all and you are just as important and awesome as all other weddings.

From Christians to Muslims, Irish, African American, and the many combinations and unions of love, we are here for you!

We have quality service for you with entertainment and event services and all you have to do is give us a ring and contact and we will work out the details to make your party the belle of the ball!

You’ve found love and you have also found the people to bring out the party and memories for you!

We have photographers, videographers, photobooths, breakdancers, bhangra dancers, deejay, samba dancers, capoeira artists, and more!!!

Birthdays, shows, events, festivals, parties, you name it!

We have worked at a lot of events and shows, parties, clubs, providing entertainment.  Simply give us a chirp and we will do all we can for your event!

Drop us a line and we will gladly help!


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