Indian Weddings Show by Chang$ter Bboys

Indian Weddings Show With Cool Hip Hop Bboy Crew

Vancouver BC Canada – At one of the local Indian Weddings in Surrey BC Canada, Chang$ter Bboys were busting their original breakdance.  Breakdance is the original dance of hip hop hence is the essential hip hop dance.  Bboying is an element of hip hop and is the art that Chang$ter Bboys encompass.  Due to that, Chang$ter Bboys were representing hip hop to the fullest.  The hip hop dancers and bboys consequently were in full force at the reception showcasing their famous moves.  After much practice, most noteworthy was their teamwork and showmanship.  Recorded by Samsung Galaxy S5 as a result the show is available on the posted video via Youtube.  Viewers and fans can view the funky bunch here!

My fellow Canadians and Vancouverites, the boys are back in town!

Chang$ter Bboys are most of all entertainers and dancers.  Indian Weddings choose Chang$ter Bboys for their cool show that they bring to many receptions.  Based locally in metro Vancouver BC Canada, the boys routinely travel all over for performances.  Because of that, they are a popular choice for Indian Weddings searching for entertainment and a dance performance.  In conclusion, Indian Weddings have an awesome option at hand with us.

Nice day
Nice day

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